Holy Spirit


“the Lord, the giver of life”

Our students are learning 

  • that the Holy Spirit is God – third person of the Trinity with the very tapu – holiness and mana – power of God.
  • that the Holy Spirit enables them to grow in tapu and mana, through the gifts of grace, understanding and wisdom.
  • the Holy Spirit’s presence and effect in whanau – family, Church, Scripture, Sacrament and the world.
  • the titles and symbols of the Holy Spirit.
  • the mission of the Holy Spirit is creating, sustaining and renewing the Church, bringing truth and liberation into people’s lives, uniting them with Jesus and continuing his work.

Taken from the Religious Education Programme for Catholic Primary Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand (1997).

Here are some short YouTube clips to help parents with the theological focus.


And one just for fun, our students LOVE singing this song!